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I've been using reflexology to help with a long-term condition and Sasha is one of the best practitioners I've experienced. Will definitely be having regular treatments with her.

I couldn’t recommend Sasha more. One of the most kind and compassionate people I have met. Her caring nature and the safe space she creates during her consultations allows each of the treatments she provides to be tailored to every client. I can’t wait to continue receiving treatments from Sasha in the future — many thanks to this wonderful reflexologist

Thoroughly relaxing and insightful experience. Couldn’t recommend enough!

I’m very happy I found this local young woman. I have had two treatments so far and I feel it’s helped me with my COPD and general wellness. I highly recommend her.

Sasha’s the best!! Couldn’t recommend enough. Will definitely be back

Sasha has now given me just over 10 treatments and I don’t know how I could live without it now. I always have the best sleep for the next few days and wake up feeling renewed!

Having had chemotherapy last year, I felt very in need of something to combat all the lasting side effects. I found reflexology with Sasha very enervating and it helped so much with headaches and muscle aches. I wake up in the mornings with a lot more energy and positivity - thank you Sasha!

Sasha is an amazing reflexologist! She instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease, she has a calming presence and is very professional. I received treatment for digestive issues and was in a lot of pain, i instantly felt better afterwards. Not only was the treatment fantastic, Sasha also gives invaluable advice! It was the most wonderful experience, highly recommended!

I was new to reflexology and following my first appointment with Sasha, I couldn’t recommend her services more.

She walked me through the process so I knew what to expect and encouraged me to relax and enjoy the treatment. The session closed with a thorough summary as well as aftercare and recovery recommendations.

Sasha was professional and thoughtful throughout, putting my comfort and relaxation first.

I have reflexology with Sasha to help with menstrual symptoms and her treatments are one of the few things that have ever helped me with my cramps, can't recommend enough if you suffer! I also have facials to help with breakouts and my skin is always glowing after

Sasha is a magician. I always look and feel fabulous following a visit.

Sasha is excellent - her treatments have done wonders for me

I was suffering from sinus and ear ache and after the treatment an hour later I was feeling so very well.

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