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Pregnant Belly

Reflexology for your
Maternity Journey 

Reflexology during pregnancy offers a multitude of benefits that can greatly enhance the well-being of both mother and baby. Firstly, it provides a natural and non-invasive way to alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as nausea, back pain, swelling, and fatigue. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and/or face,  Reflexology helps to release tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation throughout the body. This not only reduces physical discomfort but also aids in reducing stress and anxiety levels, fostering a sense of calm and emotional balance during this transformative time. Additionally, Reflexology has been found to support overall pregnancy health by enhancing the body's natural ability to maintain balance and harmony, which can contribute to a smoother pregnancy experience. With its gentle yet powerful effects, Reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy that can help mothers-to-be feel more comfortable, grounded, and connected throughout their pregnancy journey. For more information feel free to contact me.


First Trimester (1-13 weeks)

First Trimester Reflexology 

At this stage I avoid the reproductive reflex points completely and the focus is on relaxation and reducing any anxiety. Some women prefer to wait until second trimester to have Reflexology. I will only treat a client at this time if they are completely comfortable and have no pre-existing medical conditions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Water Birth

Preparing for Labour

Reflexology to help prepare for Labour

I increase the pressure during this time, Stimulating the endocrine and skeletal system to support hormone balance, ease tensions and combat stress. It is important to try to have a Reflexology session at the beginning of the 3rd trimester to ensure you don't have a healing crisis from the firmer pressure. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Holding the Belly

Second Trimester (14-27 weeks)

Second Trimester Reflexology

Reflexology can be very beneficial in the second trimester not only for relaxation but also to help reduce common symptoms such as constipation, back ache, heartburn, breast tenderness, headaches, anxiety, cramps etc. 

I recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions if possible.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

RR pitch 1.png

Please seek medical help before booking a Pregnancy Reflexology session if you have any of these symptoms:

- Vaginal bleeding

 - Sudden onset of pain

- Severe headaches, visual disturbances, indigestion- like pain, very swollen feet, ankles or face

- Feel very unwell


Third Trimester (28-40 weeks)

Third Trimester Reflexology

If you haven't had it in the second trimester this is a brilliant time to have Reflexology. As well as aiding relaxation it can help reduce common symptoms such as breathlessness, backache, swollen ankles, haemorrhoids, heartburn, dizziness etc. Clients often feel tired during the 3rd trimester so allowing time to relax after a session is recommend.  Weekly sessions are advised if possible.

Baby's Grasp

Post-natal Reflexology

Reflexology serves as a precious opportunity to prioritise self-care allowing mothers to recover and replenish their energy as they embrace the joys and responsibilities of motherhood. Reflexology supports your physical and emotional well-being after childbirth as well as relieving common postpartum discomforts such as muscle tension, breast tenderness, back pain, and swelling by stimulating circulation and promoting relaxation.

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