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F O O T   R E F L E X O L O G Y

Foot Reflexology

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be moved up to the calves as reflexes are worked across the bottom, top and sides of the foot and the lower part of the leg. I use a heated blanket/hot water bottle to ensure feet are warm. I focus on each body system as a whole, one foot at time with opening and closing movements working across both to create deep releaxation.



An optional Foot Bath and Scrub - I can bring a portable foot bath to your home for before the treatment. I use a homemade organic foot scrub and bath salts with dried lavender to get rid of any dry skin leaving your feet smooth as a baby! Foot baths also relax the mind and body, ready for the treatment and your week ahead. 

- £15 -

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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method. I use stainless steel, rose quartz, clear quartz and/ or jade crystals to stroke the skin firmly.  

I use gua sha near the end of the treatment on the feet for specific reflexes I find out of balance as well as larger areas I think would benefit using it. 

Gua sha can helps improves circulation, reduce puffiness and inflammation and can help to treat chronic pain all over the body.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Block of 6 sessions

    • 60 minute Foot Reflexology Sessions
  • Foot and Facial

    • 90 minute Foot and Facial Reflexology sessions
  • 12 week programme

    Valid for 6 months
    • 75 minute Zone Face Lift
  • Rebalance weekly

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 60 minute Foot Reflexology Session
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