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Restore from head to toe with this dynamic body comb


Take your body massage to the next level with body combing and Hayo'u Jade Body Comb. Body combing has been used as a Chinese self-healing treatment for thousands of years, and is a powerful way to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage with long lasting results in just one minute a day. It is particularly effective at targeting cellulite, water retention, heavy legs and bingo wings, as well as nourishing the skin and soothing the scalp.


Key Benefits

• The ultimate body and scalp massage

• Reduces the appearance of cellulite, water retention, and

bingo wings

• Supports circulation and lymphatic drainage

• Nourishes and restores skin

• Instant results with long-term benefits

• Self-care in one minute

Jade Comb

  • According to Chinese medicine jade is believed to carry a healing energy to help to relax, rebalance and restore a sense of harmony. Jade is a stronger crystal in material than others, making it perfect for lifting and contouring. It is also known as the all-round yin-yang crystal, making the Jade Beauty Restorer the ideal skincare choice for any time of day. Restore and nourish and invest in your skin and self-care with a tool that will last forever. 

    We can guarantee that Hayou jade tools are 100% Xiuyan jade, and are certified by the British Association of Gemologists. Hayou jade is ethically sourced in China and we regularly check the procedures at our factory.

    Please note: 100% Xiuyan jade. Rinse with water after use to prevent build-up of oil. As the Jade Beauty Restorer is hand made from a natural product there will be colour variations and minor size/shape differences. This does not affect the quality of the product.

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